UNMISS sets up base to deter violence in Tonj, Warrap state

The United Nations Mission in South Sudan has said it has established a temporary base in Tonj, Warrap state to prevent further violence. The mission said patrols to deter the outbreak of fresh violence have begun. Media sources said. This followed clashes between armed youth and disarmament soldiers last week.

Residents said the fighting erupted after a member of South Sudan People’s Defense Forces killed a youth in Romic market. They said the young man refused to surrender his gun to disarmament soldiers on the ground but SSPDF’s spokesman said the incident was not related to the collection of guns in the hands of the civilians. According to local authorities the death toll of the violence is estimated as more than 150.

On Wednesday last week, South Sudan’s army spokesman, Major General Lul Ruai Koang said 127 including 82 civilians were killed.