Bad road interrupts distribution of mosquito nets in Abyei

The acting director-general of health administration says they could not deliver mosquito nets to some parts of the area due bad road. Kon Thon Mayen urged people to be patient as they wait for the items. He says the administration will hire a tractor to transport the mosquito nets from Abyei town to Rumamer county. The official says other three counties and Abyei town have received the free mosquito nets.

Mijak Alor, secretary of Deng Mithiang village committee in Agok says residents are asking him when mosquito nets will reach them. Kon, early this month said every household will get a free mosquito net.

Sleeping under a treated mosquito is an effective  way to protect oneself from malaria-a disease caused by plasmodium parasite transmitted through a bite of a female anopheles mosquito. Malaria claimed more than 405,000 lives in 2018, according to World Health Organization (WHO).

The distribution comes after health authorities reported that cases of malaria were on the rise in Abyei with an average of 30 cases recorded daily last month.

with the availability of stagnant water and growth of grasses providing a favorable breeding ground for mosquitoes, the number is likely to go higher.

The items estimated at more than 59,000 pieces were given by South Sudan’s health ministry.