prices of goods drop in Amiet market as more supplies arrive from Sudan

Trucks which goods to Amiet market from Sudan| Credit: Mayen Ayuong Ajuong | AIRS 2020

Prices of food commodities in Amiet market have dropped with the beginning of the week due to increase in supplies. The member of joint court in Amiet, Ring Deng Nyok told Abyei FM on Tuesday. Deng says many trucks loaded with goods including food items have arrived in the market from Sudan.

A bag of sorghum has reduced to 25,000 South Sudan Pounds from 29,000 South Sudanese Pounds. He says no vehicles carrying goods entered the market for some days.

Since last month, there was shortage in Amiet market leading to high prices. Drivers confirmed plenty of commodities, but they said not more of them will be supplied to Aniet market because of bad road. They appealed to the administration to repair Abyei town-Agok road.

Last week, authorities launched the rehabilitation of the road connecting Abyei Town and Nyin-Deng Ayuel, village of Abyei located at the border with Warrap state.

In the same week, the secretary of the construction committee in the administration of Physical Infrastructure and Public Utilities, Abyei Administrative Area said the United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei will upgrade the road between Abyei Town and Agok.

Its work, according to Chol Ngolueth was to begin last week but it did not due to heavy rains. Road inaccessibility the main explanation traders give about hiking prices during rainy season.

Last year, water cut off the road connecting Agok to Amiet market leading to months of suffering from under-supply of essential commodities including food and medicines.