Obstacle to forming Abyei administration explained for the second time

The new chief administrator of Abyei Administration said he is directed by Juba not to form a new administration. A post shared on Facebook by the Director General for the Administration of Education, Information, Culture, Youth and Sports, John Ajang Kiir, stated.

The decision on the size of the administration seems to be the main reason. John wrote that increase in the number of the administrations from five to ten is expected.

“It is expected that Juba will increase the number of departments in each administrative Area from five to ten,” John wrote.

John said South Sudan’s state governors and other chief administrators are also told to wait till further notice.

Two weeks ago, the chief administrator said a committee to review the executive structures in the administrative areas was formed by president Salva Kiir. The committee is yet to submit its report to the president.

This is the second time obstacle to the establishment of the long-awaited administration is said. Kuol has been holding series of meetings with different groups since his appointment nearly two months ago.

According to the post, the chief administrator formed a caretaker government because he predicted some delay.