Shortage of clean water hits Abyei’s Mading-Kenisa village

Some residents of Juoljok draw water from a borehole | Credit: Chol Juac Chol | AIRS 2020

Residents of Mading-Kenisa in Agok are suffering shortage of clean drinking water. One of the two boreholes stopped working due to mechanical breakdown four months ago.

Samuel Jieng Akot, a member of the village committee told Abyei FM on Wednesday. He says shortage of water is causing chaos at the only functional borehole in the area. He says the locals have contributed 40,000 south Sudanese Pounds as labor cost for the mechanic.

The projects manager of Bishop Gassis Relief and Rescue Foundation says the work needs 6 bags of cement and murram. Kuol Deng Biong advised the community to protect water points from being damaged. The organization shares the cost of borehole repair by providing work tools.