Police General shot dead in Juba

A major general for South Sudan National Police Service, Bior Ajoh was shot dead in Sherikat residential area in Juba on Sunday. The suspected killer, an SSPDF soldier also died of injuries. Multiple sources including relatives of the deceased told Abyei FM.

On his part, South Sudan army spokesperson Lul Ruai Koang confirmed the incident, but he says he has no more details.

“ I heard of his death that he was shot and killed by that officer, and that NCO is said to be from air defense unit but I do not have enough information on exactly what happened,” Lul said.

The motive behind the murder of the retired police officer is not clear, but some people suggest that it is politically motivated. Abyei FM contacted South Sudan National Police Spokesperson but his phone could not go through.

In June, a fatal shooting carried out by an SSPDF Officer, Lual Marine, a relative of president Salva Kiir left seven people-mainly civilians dead. Lual succumbed to injuries from beating a few hours. The violence was caused by land issue.

President Kiir issued a statement condemning the shooting and formed a committee chaired by the minister of Justice, Madol Arol Kachuol and he directed them to “dig deeper” into cause of shooting.

The committee recently submitted its findings to the president.