Keep Abyei municipality clean campaign extended to public places

Chief Administrator of Abyei Administrative Area Kuol Deim Kuol | Credit: Deng Korchiek Ayom | AIRS 2020

A cleaning campaign that started in homes last week has been extended to public places. The exercise started on Tuesday morning. The Executive Director of Abyei Municipality says all workers for various government institutions led by the Chief Administrator are taking part in it.

Dut Piok Amuor added the campaign is to protect the environment. Last week, Piok said it was also part of fighting malaria-a disease transmitted by female anopheles. The disease claimed about 405,000 lives globally in 2018, according to World Health Organization, (WHO).

Mosquitoes use stagnant water and grasses as their breeding ground. Keeping homes clean reduces the number of mosquitoes.