Bad road impedes goods delivery to Abyei Administrative Area


Trucks which goods to Amiet from Sudan| Credit: Mayen Ayuong Ajuong | AIRS 2020

Twenty-three  trucks loaded with goods from Sudan destined to Amiet joint market in Abyei Administrative Area, are parked in Thok Thok village located between Gouli and Deiri, northern Abyei due to bad road, sources from Amiet market told Abyei FM over the weekend.  

The road from where the vehicles stopped to Amiet has been cut off by water. 

Ring Deng Nyok, a member of community joint court in Amiet says the supplies would have arrived in the market if the road was in a good shape. 

Efforts to ensure the goods reached the destination are being made.  The chairman of chamber of commerce in Abyei Administrative Area, Chol Deng Chol went to Amiet market on Monday to meet his colleagues and other traders to discuss the issue. 

The prices of food commodities in Amiet market dropped after the arrival supplies from Sudan two weeks ago.