Warrap state official commends unity state authorities on compensation for families of people killed in Ajak Kuach

Unity state governor, Dr. Joseph Monytuil  at inter state conference in 2018 photo courtesy of TRC website

The executive director of Ajak Kuach payam, Twic county, Warrap state has commended Unity State authorities for collection of cows as blood compensation for the victims of the recent attack.

On 31st August, unidentified armed men suspected of being from Mayom county, Unity state,  killed two women and two children in Ajak Kuach village.

Earlier this week, Dr. Joseph Monytuil, Governor of Unity State told The Radio Community journalist about the collection of 600 cows for the purpose of compensating lives lost in this particular incident. 

The cattle were confiscated from those linked to the incident. 

Speaking to Abyei FM on Thursday, the Executive Director of Ajak Kuac, Simon Aguejok thanked the governor of unity state and the executive director of Mayom County for their efforts towards promoting among the communities in the two-neighboring state.

“This shows the government of unity state is supporting peace and we have found that they want peace,” he said.

Four hundred out of six hundred cows will be given to the victims’ families stating that blood compensation for someone innocently killed is hundred cows, according to the agreement signed between the two states. 

Moses Dak William, Secretary General of the now defunct Northern Liech state said the compensation shall be done in a court.

William is optimistic that the suspects of this particular attack who are still at large will be arrested and arraigned in court.

“There will be a fine there will be a punishment not only for the people who have killed, even the people who have contributed to the attack. It will not only be compensation that is going to be done, but also there will be a trial on how the incident happened,” he said.

William believes that disarmament of civilians can be an effective way to end persistent violence that has plagued many parts of South Sudan.  

More than two months ago,  South Sudan People’s Defense Forces (SSPDF) launched disarmament in Tonj, Warrap state.The exercise turned into clashes between the army and civilians following alleged killing of a youth who declined to surrender his weapon to disarmament team.  More than hundred and twenty people from both sides lost their lives.