Livestock vaccination underway in Abyei Administrative Area

Goats graze at the bank of Agok stream 

A three-week mass vaccination targeting 45,000 livestock is going on in Abyei Administrative Area.

30,000 goats, 10,000 cows and 5,000 chickens will be vaccinated against various preventable animal diseases, Deng Goc, the Acting Director General for the administration of Agriculture, animal resources, forestry, and fisheries says.

About 2,000 cattle in Abyei town alone have been given the drugs. Sick animals are being treated too.  

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) provided the free vaccines, but livestock owners are being asked to pay 250 SSP per 100 cows, 10 SSP per goat, and 10 SSP per chicken.

Goc said the money is being used to buy lunch for the vaccination team. He advised livestock keepers not to miss out on the opportunity. 

Deng Dau Kon, a herder in Agok expressed happiness after his hundred cows were reached with the vaccines 

The vaccination is done twice a year but it is once this year. Goc said the next round is expected  in either January or February,  2021.