France pledges to talk holdout Sudanese rebel groups into peace process

France Ambassador to Sudan, Emmanuelle Blatmann photo credit: Sudan Tribune

The French Ambassador to Sudan, Emmanuel Blatman, on Monday expressed her country’s commitment to convince Sudanese holdout rebel groups to take part in the peace process being mediated by South Sudan.

According to Sudan Tribune, the diplomat was alluding to the exiled leader, Abdel Wahid Alnur who resides in Paris. The Sudanese prime minister and other members of the transitional authority had sought to convince him to join the negotiation table but it failed.

Earlier this month, the spokesperson of the Sudan Liberation Movement-Abdel Wahid al-Nur said the group rejected to join negotiation.

The spokesperson, however, spoke about their plan to organize a comprehensive conference for peace inside the country.

The signing of the final peace agreement between Sudanese armed groups  and the government is expected to be held in South Sudan’s capital, Juba early next month.