Abyei traffic police issue measures to fight road accidents, Covid-19

The traffic police in Abyei Administrative area on Monday issued an order prohibiting motorbike riders from carrying more than one passenger to curb traffic accidents that are on the rise in the area.  

The order effected on the date of issuance also made wearing face mask mandatory to boda-boda riders and passengers to control the spread of COVID-19.

Although, the government has started lifting restrictions, the public are urged to exercise cautions because the virus has not disappeared.  

The Director of Traffic Police in the area, Butrus Anjelo said police recorded fourteen traffic accidents involving motorcycles in August alone and six more last week, but there were no fatalities. 

 “For example, if we get someone riding boda-boda carrying more than one person, it will be a clear violation of law. And this what we cannot accept because there are many traffic accidents recently,” Said Butrus.,.

The police officer warned that any rider who will not comply with the order will have his motorbike detained.

Boda-boda riders have mixed reactions. Chol Majak Biong, boda-boda operator in Aniet market supported the order,” saying it is to protect us from accidents and the disease.”

While his colleague who requested for anonymity said it was bad, arguing that he could not afford a face mask and that restricting him to carry one passenger at one time means reduction in daily income.

 Four months ago, traffic police in Agok trained motorcycle riders traffic rules and regulations including carrying one passenger.