Abyei Community in US donates money to people affected by Kolom January armed attack

Displaced people from Kolom receive humanitarian assistance in Abyei town

Abyei Community in the United States of America has donated 3,500 US dollars as support to people of Kolom village in Abyei Administrative Area.

In January 2020, armed men said to be from Misseriya attacked Kolom village, killing more than 30 people. The incident led to displacement of more than 700 families from Kolom and its neighboring villages (Dokura, Noong and Amiet).

The money was channeled through Abyei Youth Union. The Secretary General of Abyei Youth Union confirmed the receipt of this amount. 

Lual Kuol Mayen said the money was changed at 1,780,000 South Sudanese Pounds and will be given to 168 families including the displaced and returnees this week.

He added that he met the Kolom village chief Anai Ajak and some of the residents and discussed the mode of payment.

Recently, 69 families of internally displaced persons returned from Abyei town where they sought safety to Kolom village but are facing shortage of clean water, food and shelter.