Public warned against huge gathering at funeral rites during COVID-19 pandemic

Health experts in Abyei Administrative Area are warning the public against attending funeral rites in huge numbers to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The warning comes after it has been observed that people are organizing funerals without observing preventive measures.

Dr. Jomama One Jomama Health Program, Save the Children, Abyei stated that large grouping put lives of many at the risk of catching Covid-19. Dr. Jomama said fighting the pandemic is everyone’s responsibility.

“You, the person who has lost loved one and you are responsible, please don’t gather people so that people will contract the virus. It is not good for people to contract disease because of your case. And to you the village leader, if the order says gathering is prohibited,  why are people still doing that when you have the powers,” Dr. Jomama warned.

Dr. Jomama said that respecting health guidelines such as social distancing, wearing face mask and frequent hand washing will help save lives.

The virus that causes covid-19 is passed from one person to another through droplets launched when an infected person sneezes, coughs or speaks.

Health authorities in Abyei Administrative Area recorded 52 cases of Covid-19  (2 deaths and 50 recoveries).

For their parts, some listeners who phoned in during “Corona Talks” program on Abyei FM said that shying failure to attend a funeral of relative or burial is an abomination according to the norms and traditions of their community. They also argued that it can create serious misunderstanding among relatives. 

In response,  Dr. Jomama cautioned the public not to compromise their health. 

Dr. Ramsey Muorwel who also worked for Save the Children, echoed Jomama saying, a body of person who died of Coronavirus must be buried by trained health workers. Dr. Ramsey advised people to call Covid-19 Rapid Response Team in case of abrupt death.

Globally, as of Tuesday, there were 58,425,681 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 1,385,218 deaths, reported to World Health Organization (WHO).