Juoljok PHCC records two cases of hepatitis E


Hepatitis E virus | Source: microbenotes.com

Two cases of hepatitis E disease have been recorded at Juoljok Primary Health Care Center last week. The victims are one male and a female according to medics at the facility. Out of these two cases, 40 suspects are being investigated to establish whether they are infected with the disease.

Save the children’s health country director says the area affected so much is Rumamer County due to drinking of contaminated water. Dr. Ramzy Muorwel says water from ponds should be boiled to avoid people from contracting the disease.

“To prevent Hepatitis E, it comes from water, but it is not just water. It is when the faeces mix with water and someone consumes that water. So, to stop it, there are two ways: one, we have to boil water before drinking and then the two is to stop open defecation”

Mourwel disclosed that the symptoms of the disease include stomach pain, fatigue, and eye yellowish, among others. He said the disease is dangerous when it develops into jaundice saying it kill because it causes liver damage when it takes long.