Rumamer bans Alcohol during Christmas and new year eve

Agok Adminstrative Unit headquarters in Rumamer County | Credit: AIRS

Authorities in Rumamer County in Abyei administrative area have banned drinking of alcohol during Christmas and new year eve. The ban applies to all bars in the market and in the residential areas according to the order extended to Abyei FM.

In the order, the County Executive Director Diing Ngor Chol warned violators of severe consequences. According to him, the order carries a fine of 40, 000 SSP for a beer seller while local brewers will face between 10,000 and 12,000 SSP. Another punishment included in the order is a 24-hours imprisonment for any person who violates it.

The order will be effective from 15th December to 5th January next year. No reason is given for the banning of alcohol during Christmas and new year eve