Vaccination against six childhood diseases to start this week

Acting Head of Health Adminstration-Nyanwut Miyen Kuol | Credit: Apuol Ngor Agok | AIRS 2020

Health department in Abyei Administrative Area in partnership with Save The Children International, has announced that vaccination of people against six childhood diseases will start on Wednesday this week. The diseases being prevented include tuberculosis, measles, polio, whooping cough, diphtheria, and tetanus.

The department’s Whole medicine officer says those who have missed some doses during the previous routine vaccination are the target.

Sarah Ayuel says girls and women, age 15 to 45 years old will receive the vaccines if their medical records show missing doses.

Ayuel appealed to the mothers to bring cards during the exercise to determine the missed dose. She says 30 health workers have undergone training on Tuesday to carry out the exercise in Abyei administrative area.