Save the Children calls for protection of street children from Covid-19

Save the Children International is calling on the government and the community to work to protect children living on the streets. It says these children are at risk of contracting the virus as they live in the market without proper parental care.

The NGO says less attention is paid to such children in the markets exposing them at risk. Save the children’s health manager Dr. Jomama One Jomama made call during a weekly “corona talks” program.

“If there are children on the street and the child doesn’t have a father and a mother, and there is disease outbreak, then such a child can contract the disease. So, what requires to be done is that people should work together, the community, government and the NGOs so that such children are looked after”

In addition to this, Dr. Ramzy Muorwel says that government and the community should take the lead in protecting such children with our parents.

In response, one of the community members welcome the call saying it is the responsibility of everyone to protect such children because they are part of the community. Mr. Deng Monytuc Agok says that people should volunteer in passing preventive measures to these children when they are seated in group.

“If children are found seated in group, they should be told that it is not safe to sit in group. It is because these children did not just decide to go and live on the street – something might have forced them to go the market. There is nobody to take care of them. So, I want everybody to volunteer to tell them to sit with distance among them.”

He said children are ours and are the future of this country if they are protected from any harm.