Zain installs mobile network in Akoc Payam

MTN network mast in Juoljok in Abyei Administrative Area | Photo credit: Martin Kuol | AIRS 2020

A mobile network has been installed and now operating in Akoc Payam in Twic County of Warrap State.
Zain Network started its operation over the weekend facilitating communication among the residents.

Residents in the town say the presence of telecommunication company will connect them with their family members living abroad. The area has been lacking telecommunication network since South Sudan gained its independence from Sudan in 2011.

Since then, people climbed up the trees to seek network to communicate with their friends and relatives. One of the residents in the area and executive director Chan Malek Chan says that the availability of network is a big achievement to the people of Akoc.

The network, which covers a radius of 25 kilometers will service Panyok, Akon and Aweil East County in the west. Its installation was a fulfilment of the pledge made by the Vice President for service cluster Hussien Abdalegai Akol during his visit to Akoc in summer this year.