Abyei negotiating murram deal with Warrap for road repair

Acting Deputy Chief administrator Kon Manyiet Matiok | Martin Kuol | AIRS 2020.

Abyei administrative area is negotiating a murram deal with Warrap state for road repair. The delegation headed by area’s deputy chief administrator is already in Kuajok for talks with Governor Bona Panek Biar.

Hon. Kon Manyiet Matiok who is accompanied by officials from the United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei (UNISFA) says the deal will help the area improve its road infrastructure.

Speaking to Abyei FM via phone from Kuajok, Matiok says maintenance of roads connecting the area with neighboring states such as Warrap is one of administration’s top priorities.

Matiok disclosed that the meeting will also serve as an avenue to prepare the ground for another meeting between Chief Administrator Kuol Deim Kuol and Warrap state governor Bona Panek Biar.

The murram deal if successfully reached will enable UNISFA, which is tasked with road repair program begins its work earlier.

Abyei is one of the areas in South Sudan lacking murram which forces it to seek murram from neighbors to improve its internal roads.