Trader stabbed to death in Amiet market

Amiet market in Abyei Administrative Area | File photo

A 30-year-old trader has been stabbed to death and another one injured in Amiet market on Wednesday afternoon. The incident happened following a misunderstanding between some Misseriya traders and Dinka, over selling of sorghum meant for relief.

It was alleged that some Misseriya traders have dispatched sorghum bearing WFP logo to Southern checkpoint instead of northern point sparking violence.

Abyei Administrative Area’s security advisor says machetes, knives and clubs were used complicating the situation for community police to control. Hon. Kelak Kon Lual says the fighting was later stopped after UNISFA intervened in the matter, saying the situation is now calm in the market.

No suspect has been arrested in connection to the incident, but authorities say they are investigating the matter with UNISFA forces. This is second incident after a 24-year-old man was shot dead on Monday in the outskirt of Amiet market.