Amiet joint market reopens after four days of shutdown

Trucks which goods to Amiet from Sudan| Credit: Mayen Ayuong Ajuong | AIRS 2020

Amiet joint market in Abyei Abyei Administrative Area reopened on Monday after four days of closure, area’s Chairman of Chamber of Commerce, Chol Deng Chol has confirmed to Abyei FM.

Mr. Chol said some vehicles went to the market on Monday morning and returned loaded goods.

The market closed following a violence in which a 30-year-old man was stabbed to death another injured on Wednesday last week. 

 The incident followed a misunderstanding between some traders from Misseriya and Dinka over the sale  of relief sorghum bearing WFP logo.

Abyei Administrative Area’s security advisor said machetes, knives and clubs were used during the fighting,  complicating the situation for community police to control.  Kelek Kon Lual said United Nations Interim Security Forces for Abyei had to intervened and stopped the violence. 

Established in 2016, Amiet market is the main source of supplies for all other markets in Abyei.