Abyei Chief Administrator urges peace and unity

Abyei Chief Administrator, Kuol Deim Kuol speaks at Mijak county, 01 01 2021 credit: Karbino Dut|AIRS

The Chief Administrator of Abyei Administrative Area has called for peaceful coexistence among communities in Abyei and in neighboring areas.

Hon. Kuol Deim Kuol was speaking during  the New Year celebration in Mijak county headquarters last Friday. He said they have plan to conduct conferences to strengthen peace and unity once his administration is fully formed.

“ When I form my government and is complete with authorities, we will have conferences. Conference with aim to solve problems among ourselves and be more united. There will be conferences on peaceful coexistence with our neighbors. We will do the same thing with Nuer and other neighbors who have small issues with us.”

Hon. Deim noted that the delay in the formation of the state governments and area administrations is a challenge to his operation, saying he could not hold such meetings with the neighbors without a fully installed council of administrators.

Deim was appointed more than six months ago but he is yet to name other administrators. Hon. Deim like other governors and chief administrators is waiting for orders from South Sudan presidency to appoint head of administrations and other political positions.