Unknown gunmen kill trader in Warrap state

Authorities in Ajakuach Payam in Warrap State say a trader has been killed in their area.

The 30-year-old man was shot dead in a vehicle loaded with goods between Majakol and Ajakuach on Wednesday. According to local authorities, the man was from Amiet market in Abyei to Unity State.

Executive Director of Ajakuach says the suspects were seen wearing plain clothes when they were fleeing the scene.

The driver did not stop but continued driving to Ajakuach center for safety.

Mr. Maker Marik Maker says no arrest in connection to the killing has been made.

” We are working on the deployment of forces to be responsible with security on the road. Because of this we have already reported the matter to Majakol and those of Majakol have forwarded the report to Wunyiik. So, we will be waiting in the few days ahead if possible, there will be forces deployed to provide protection. This is number one. Number two, there should be security escort to Akotong,” said Marik adding “I believe this can be another solution.”

He said a discussion is ongoing with Division 3 command to ensure safety of travelers in Ajakuach area.