Abyei administration to set up cooperative shops to ease market accessibility

Abyei Chief Administrator, Kuol Deim Kuol speaks at Mijak county, 01 01 2021 credit: Karbino Dut|AIRS

A plan to build cooperative shops where food items will be sold at affordable prices  in Abyei Administrative Area is underway.

The stores will be located in Dungob, Mijak, Rumamer and Noong villages.

The Chief Administrator of Abyei, Kuol Deim Kuol says the project will be funded by the United Nations Security Force for Abyei.  Deim says the administration has about 250,000 USD as support from UNISFA’s Quick Impact Project. He further says a house will be built for medical workers at Ameth-Beek hospital in Abyei town.

“We said UNISFA, keep this money with you and here are things that need to be done; number one, a room for our doctors to sleep in in Ameth-beek hospital. Number two, you will build cooperative shops. Of course! This cooperative will later bring goods like sugar, and other small things like flour, like salt. Instead of one to leave for Abyei town, these will be brought and you get them very close to you,” he said.

If these stores are built, many people in the remote villages would not be going far to buy food commodities. The identified locations are far from the main towns.