Dinka Twic-Misseriya herders meeting postponed to next week

Cattle graze in Majok Noon Warrap state, Credit: Arou David|AIRS

A meeting between Dinka Twic and Misseriya herders that was to be held on Tuesday, has been postponed to Wednesday next week.

The decision to push the discussion for 20th January was reached after it was realized that delegates from both sides were not fully prepared. The Executive Director of Chan Wandit, Warrap state, the venue of the meeting also cited logistical challenge as the main reason.

Mr. David Deng Kuoch says arrangements are being made to ensure that delegates arrive at the venue on that day.

On Tuesday, Twic County government announced that it was holding a meeting with Misseriya nomads to discuss pastures for their cattle.

In dry season, some cattle keepers from Sudan come to South Sudan to seek pastures for their cattle. However, before they are allowed in, several conditions must be met. The conditions include entry without weapons and undisclosed minimal fee to be paid by Sudanese herders for the pastures.