South Sudanese artistes perform for peace and unity

A group of South Sudanese artistes is holding concerts in Abyei and its neighboring areas to promote peace and unity.

The artistes who include Malek Kuol Malek from Abyei, Thac Dau Atun from Abiemnom and Malong Deng Guot from Warrap state, started performance in Abyei town on Friday last week and Abiemnom in Ruweng Administrative Area. Similar shows are expected to be held on Saturday in Turalei in Warrap state.

Speaking on behalf of the team, Malong Deng Guot said the initiative is to promote peace and unity among the communities and artistes through art.  

“What we are doing as artistes is; we want to unite the area. Because of this we started in Abyei……and people were happy and the same in Abiemnom,” Malong told Abyei FM on Wednesday,” Guot said, urging chiefs in Warrap state and the two administrative areas to promote peace and love.

From his side, a music fan, Arop Wieu Ngoth hailed the initiative. saying it will help better relationship among youth in these areas.