80 cattle rescued from suspected raiders in Ajakuach Payam

One of the cattle camps in Abyei Administrative Area.

At least 80 cattle have been rescued from suspected cattle raiders in Ajakuach Payam of Twic County, Warrap state.

The incident happened on Wednesday afternoon in Mayen Aher while cows were grazing. It was alleged that the raiders had forced the boys who were looking after cattle to leave and started driving the livestock away.

Youths in the area responded, followed the raiders and recovered the animals. Mr. James Goch Mayom, a youth in the area says the raiders fled  when they saw people pursuing them, leaving the cattle alone. There was no exchange of gun fire.

James advises adult herders in Ajakuach area to look after cows instead of young boys.

In December last year, 3 people were killed and 91 herds of cattle were raided in Marial Goutjuor in Warrap state by unidentified people.