Bishop Gassis Relief and Rescue Foundation to drill water points in Abyei and Warrap

Some residents of Juoljok draw water from a borehole | Credit: Chol Juac Chol | AIRS 2020

Bishop Gassis Relief and Rescue Foundation will drill boreholes in Abyei Administrative Area and Twic in Warrap state.

The organization will drill 10 water points in Twic and 10 in Abyei Administrative Area.

The Projects Manager in the Organization, Kuol Deng Biong says  the work will start in Twic on Monday next week, adding their Water Sanitation and Hygiene project will end in July this year.

Bishop Gassis Relief and Rescue Foundation is a Church-based organization delivering humanitarian services to communities in Abyei. 

In November last year, residents of Abyei were worried about water shortage during dry season. They had appealed to humanitarian organizations and local authorities to intervene.

Last year, Abyei had low rainfalls, resulting into inadequate water in the water catchments.