Shortage of clean water hits some villages in Alal county

Aganytok and Rupnyin villages in Alal county, Abyei Administrative Area are hit by inadequate supply of clean water.

The chief of Aganytok village, Ngor Dor said the locals walk about an hour to get water in Ren Bar village.

The chief said the only borehole in the village has not been functioning since the middle of last due to mechanical breakdown. He said they reported the issue to concern authorities but there is no response.

And in Rupnyin village, residents are facing similar water crisis. Madit Aguek said the only borehole cannot supply the whole village with water because the population is high.

Responding to the appeal, WASH Officer for Bishop Gassis Relief and Rescue Foundation, Mr. Jook Mawien said the village committee should count the households to ascertain the population and present a formal request to the organization’s office in Juol-jok.

On Thursday, the Project of Bishop Gassis Relief and Rescue Foundation said the organization  will drill 20 boreholes-10 in Abyei Administrative Area and 10 in Twic in Warrap State, starting from next week.