Abyei Administration appeals for support to Amethbeek hospital

Ameth-beek hospital in Abyei Administrative Area | Credit: Chol Juac Chol | AIRS 2020

Abyei health official in Abyei Administrative Area is asking health partners to support Ameth-beek hospital in Abyei Town.

Speaking to Abyei FM on Monday, the Acting Head of Health Administration in Abyei, Nyanwut Mayen says the newly inaugurated facility faces shortage of medical personal and shortage of medical equipment.

“Finding doctors is difficulty. There are some people who refuse coming to Abyei, while others are demanding high pay for example there is one specialist who said he wants 3,500 USD monthly,” said Nyanwut.

Nyanwut says they assessed the cost of the equipment but money to buy them is the challenge. Ameth-beek was opened in November last year after it was renovated by International Organization for Migration.

Dr. Ramsey Muorwel, Health Country Director for  Save the Children, one of the humanitarian organizations delivering health services in Abyei, says a plan to support Ameth-beek hospital is being discussed.

“We have a plan too support Amethbek hospital but now, the support is not with us. But we met the minister before and we told her that we will talk to donors and brief them….and if there is any assistance possible we could support the hospital,” said Dr. Muorwel.