Gunmen rob trader of money, motorbike along Abyei town-Amiet road

Amiet market in Abyei Administrative Area | File photo

Authorities in Abyei Administrative Area say unknown gunmen have robbed a motorbike and 300,000 SSP from a trader on Sunday.

They say the trader who was heading to Amiet market was waylaid, put at a gun point between Dokora and Abyei town at around 5 PM, according to Abyei Area’s Security Advisor. 

The man alleged the robbers were Misseriya tribesmen, according to Hon. Kelak Kon Lual who urged travelers to avoid movement during evening hours. 

“When it is 4 PM, no vehicle should come to Abyei from Amiet or from Abyei to Amiet unless it is something that is so urgent and if so, then UNISFA’s escort should be sought,” Kon advised adding “This is something which is already existing. However, there are some people who disobey this measure by the government and move on their own. It is better people heed to the government advise. As of now, vehicles move in convoy instead of one vehicle from 9 AM – 4 PM.”

He said that movements into Amiet and from Amiet to Abyei will stop at 4 PM, saying nobody will be allowed to travel after 4 PM.