Covid-19 cases surpass 70 in Abyei Administrative Area

Abyei Administrative Area has confirmed 14 cases of Covid-19 in less than two weeks, bringing the total infections to71 including 3 deaths.

Speaking to Abyei FM on Thursday the Acting Head of Health Administration in Abyei, Nyanwut Mayen said “this is a big number in a short period.”

According to the official, more awareness needs to be done to curb the spread of the pandemic. The highly contagious coronavirus is passed from one person to another through droplets from an infected person.

It symptoms include dry cough, loss smell or taste, sore throat, fever and shortness in breathe.

People are advised to isolate and seek immediate medical assistance once they experience flu-like symptoms or signs. The virus can be prevented through frequent hand washing with clean water and soap, wearing face masks, and keeping at least 2 meter-social distance among others.

According to World health Organization, as of Wednesday, close to 95 million people across the globe have tested positive for the virus and  more than 2 million have died.