Abiemnom residents told to suspend wild fruits collection over insecurity

Authorities in Abiemnhom in Ruweng Administrative Area have told people to stop going into the bushes to collect wild fruits due to insecurity. 

The warning comes after four boys were attacked while collecting wild fruits in Bangbang village by men armed with guns and machetes.

Sudan People’s Liberation Movement  (SPLM) official in the area says one of the boys say was cut with a machete. Mrs. Nyabang Mangok says the 11- year-old boy is being treated at MSF hospital in Agok, Abyei Administrative Area. 

According to the official, the rest of the boys were flogged and later released unhurt.  Mangok says the issue of insecurity in the area is becoming unbearable and it requires everyone to play a role.

In another news development but separate, more than 15 goats were raided on Wednesday.

This week, residents in Abiemnhom  asked for deployment of UN peace keeping troops to protect civilians in the area-a call echoed by local authorities.