UNISFA sets up a base in Abyei’s Kolom

A section of UNISFA’s compound in Abyei Town showing the main gate.

The United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei has set up its base in Kolom village north west of Abyei town to protect civilians.

The UN peacekeepers moved into the area over the weekend a day after resident called for more protection. On Friday last week, residents in Kolom appealed for security, saying they were feeling unsafe.

UNISFA is mandated by the United Nations to provide security to civilians and their property in the disputed Abyei region. 

The Security Advisor in Abyei Administrative Area, Kelek Kon Lual  says the presence of UNISFA base will bring stability in the area.

“The force is big, it can protect the area, the same force in Noong area was divided into two. The presence of UNISFA will help the settlement of civilians in the area and without any fear. “I have seen there is no fear in Kolom now because Ethiopian forces are present there.  The presence of the mission need population.”” said Kon. 

The chief of Kolom, Anai Ajak says they are no longer feeling insecure, urging the internally displaced persons from Kolom who are still in Abyei town to return home.

In January last year, the village came under a deadly armed attack that left more than 30 civilians including women and children dead.