Agok hospital runs short of medicines

Cartons of anti-malarial medicine at Agok Hospital | Credit: Apuol Agok Ngor | AIRS 2020

Agok hospital in Abyei Administrative Area is facing a shortage of medicines for treatment of some diseases .

Speaking to Abyei FM on Tuesday, the Administrative Director of the hospital, Malual Biong said some of the patients are being told to buy medicines at private pharmacies.

According to Biong, the facility will run out of medicines soon. He said the remaining drugs will not take more than a half month. However, Malual said the medicines for children are available.

The Acting Head of Health Administration, Nyanwut Mayen said they will forward the need for more medicines to their partners. Early this month, Nyanwut noted drug shortage among many challenges facing health sector in the area.