Security forces to escort travelers in Ajakuach

South Sudanese soldiers. Photo: via Bing (CC).

Authorities in Ajakuach Payam in Twic County, Warrap State have announced that people travelling in and out of their area will be provided security escort.

They say travelers coming from Unity State to Ajakuach will be given soldiers to escort them  from Akotong into Ajakuach, and those going to Unity state will be escorted as well.

The move is a response to the growing road ambushes and looting. The decision was reached in a joint security meeting convened  by government of Unity State and  government of Warrap State in Akotong on Sunday.

On Thursday, a South Sudanese trader was shot dead by unknown armed men between Ajakuach and AKotong. 

Ajakuach Executive Director believes the new the security arrangement will reduce rampant killings along the road. Mr. Maker Marik Maker says people travelling to Aneet in Abyei will also be provided security.

Since the new  year begun, 3 people have  been killed in  Ajakuach alone in separate road ambushes. 

But on Sunday morning, armed men stormed Bombil village and set 2 tukuls on fire, prompting the two governments to hold an emergency security meeting.