Trader killed in Warrap’s Ajak Kuach payam

A trader was killed in Ajakuac, Twic County, Warap State on  Thursday evening.

The man identified as a South Sudanese was returning from Aneet market in Abyei Administrative Area where he had gone to buy goods when he was waylaid between Ajakuach and Akotong, and shot dead, according to local  authorities.

Ajakuach Payam Executive Director, Maker Mariik Maker says the assailants fled before a joint force patrolling the road arrived at the scene, adding the motive behind the killing  remains unclear. 

This brings the number of people killed in the area through ambushing to 3 people since the new year began.

No one have been held accountable in these 3 separate incidents, but authorities say they are working hard to apprehend the suspects.

Following this recent killing, unidentified armed men on Sunday morning attacked  Bombil village in Ajakuach, burning two tukuls, an eyewitness says.

Mr. Garang Chuol told Abyei FM that several properties which include food items and sleeping materials were burned inside.

Garang says the attackers’ were repulsed after heavy exchange of gun fire in which two shells of Rocket Propelled Grenades were fired at 4 am but there were no casualties recorded .

He alleged that the attackers’ intention was to burn people inside, but luckily enough, the occupants of the two houses had already evacuated before the incident.