Kolom village residents appeal for health services

Chief Anei Ajak speaks to women in Kolom, Photo: Chol Ayiik | AIRS

Residents of  Kolom village, Abyei Administrative Area have appealed to the administration to build a health center where they will be getting treatment.

The locals walk for more than an hour to Abyei Hospital and Nyinkuac health center – both in Abyei town, in order to get medical service, according to the village chief.

 “Health center and medicines are the basic of life, we appeal for an immediate building of the {health} center,” chief of Kolom village, Anai Ajak said in a phone interview with Abyei FM on Thursday. 

The Acting Director General of Health in Abyei, Alor Biong disclosed that the administration has a plan to build health center in Kolom and another in Dokora.

In January last year, an armed attack left more than 30 people including women and children dead in Kolom and houses burnt.

As a result of this incident, over 700 families from Kolom and its neighboring villages fled their homes to Abyei town.

About nine months later, more than 60 families returned homes in Kolom and had to begin from a scratch as their livelihoods were disrupted by the violence. The returnees had earlier complained of shortage of food, inadequate shelter, and shortage of clean drinking water.