Abyei community police arrest woman accused of killing her husband

Community police have arrested a woman in connection to the weekend’s fatal shooting which left one person dead and another injured in Mabuny residential area, Agok, Abyei Administrative Area.

The woman is suspected of killing her husband and injuring his friend on Sunday evening. She was arrested on Wednesday and is being investigated.

“This man was fighting his wife yesterday. After the fighting, he ordered his wife to go to her uncle’s house. So, the woman rolled the gun in the luggage. There, she cogged the gun without our knowledge. And my husband and her husband were eating. So, she shot my husband in hand until the child fell down his hands and she shot her husband near the door,” Achol, wife of the wounded man told Abyei FM on Monday.

Neighbors believed the incident was a revenge attack. They said this woman was shot by the husband two years ago. The unnamed late and the wife come from the neighboring Unity state.
This is considered the first time, a woman has killed her husband using a gun in the area, according to Agok residents. The Advisor for Security in Abyei, Kelek Kon Lual has warned civilians against carrying firearms.

“I want to tell those who are armed not to show guns to children, women and thieves. Because gun is a responsibility of a trained person,” Kon said.

Abyei – a contested region between South Sudan and Sudan is a demilitarized zone where only UN peace keeping forces are allowed to carry guns, as stipulated in June 20 2011 agreement. The United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei – UNISFA, is mandated by the United Security Council to protect civilians and their property in the region. It is also responsible for disarmament. Despite this, killings using guns are still common in the area. Last year, a man was shot dead in a married woman’s house.