Unknown gunmen rob a trader in Agok

Armed men have robbed a trader more than 200,000 SSP and two smartphones in Juol-jok market in Abyei Administrative Area.

Daud Abaker – a Sudanese trader says five men in civilian clothes stormed his shop, at the early morning of Thursday, put him at a gunpoint and took his valuables.

Daud sustains a neck injury from the beating by the robbers.

“I was threatened with a gun by two armed persons and three unarmed others. They unlocked the lock and entered the shop. After that they stopped me. I struggled with them for quarter of an hour until another person entered and fire one bullet in the shop. After that they took money and 2 telephones and ran to the direction of the school,” Daud explains.

Daud has appealed to county authorities to provide security to the market at night to prevent such incident.

In response, community police say they are searching for the suspects and will be patrolling this market at night.