Two killed in Warrap’s Twic county

Authorities say a 42-year-old man has killed two people in Pannyok in Twic county of Warrap State.

Police Investigator, Mayai Longar says the victims were a brother in-law of the suspect and a neighbor.

He says the suspect, who he says has mental illness killed his brother in-law during a fight over unknown cause in Maper village on Monday. The other man was stabbed to death, the police officer says.

“Yesterday, a person suffering from psychological problems got into a fight with his sister’s husband, so he hit his sister’s husband in the neck twice. The neighbors gathered at the area of the incidence. So, when the suspect returned after he fled and found people at home, he asked the people who are you? So, he stabbed one of the neighbors with a spear in his heart to death. That was happened last night,” Mayay explains.

Police says the suspect was arrested on Tuesday morning after he resisted and that he is being investigated. He says the suspect will be taken to the court after the investigation.