IOM trains women in Abyei on soap making

Women display soap mold in training hall

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is training 10 women in Abyei Administrative Area on how to make soap.

The 2-week course, that started on Wednesday teaches participants practical skills on how to make soap in liquid and bar forms. The project is part of empowering women and fighting the coronavirus pandemic in the area.

“Firstly, the main objective of the project is to prevent corona virus, the second objective is to empower women, and women will benefit from financial return from sale of soap, and also benefit from daily use of the soap at the home,” Amal Abdallah, deputy chairperson of Abyei Women’s Association, says.

The participants are expected to impart the same skills to other women in the area after having successfully completed the training.

IOM provides ingredients and molds for making soap as part of women empowerment. One of the participants, Nyanuer Ajak Malual says she will be making soaps for sale to get money after completion of the course.

With support from IOM, women in Abyei produced and distributed thousands of reusable face masks last year.