Abyei police release Anyiel chief and his supporters

Abyei Community Police Station | File photo.

The newly chosen chief of Anyiel chiefdom of Ngok Dinka and his supporters have been released from jail.

Chief Mabil Ajuong Deng and 13 others were arrested on Wednesday and released on Thursday this week. Mabil was picked recently by the clan to replace his half-brother, Akonon Ajuong.

Head of community police, Deng Mangar confirmed that they were released on bail. He says the case under which the 14 men were arrested will be handled by traditional authorities.

On Thursday police told Abyei FM that they were accused of breaching article 52 and article 66.

Article 52 of South Sudan Penal Code talks about abetment – which means helping in the commission of an offence. It says:

“A person abets the commission of an act when he or she— (a) instigates another person to commit such act; (b) engages in a conspiracy with one or more other persons in the commission of the act; and/or, (c) intentionally aids or facilitates any act or illegal omission in the commission of the act.”

Article 66 says whoever organizes individuals or organizations with the aim to overthrow or take over the government through unconstitutional means commits an offence. Under this article, anyone convicted of offence is sentenced to imprisonment for not more than twenty years.

Similar mass arrest occurred over the last weekend. 16 members of Achaak chiefdom of Ngok Dinka including their chief, Nyuol Ayuel Kuot were detained for one to two days. Their arrest is said to be a result of power wrangle between Chief Kuot and his predecessor who has not given up the title.