Abyei youth steering committee releases money for youth elections

Different South Sudanese (SSP) bank notes

Abyei Youth Steering Committee has released 400,000 South Sudanese Pounds for youth elections in Abyei Administrative Area.

Each of the four county youth associations has received 100,000 South Sudanese pounds. The polls are planned to begin on 15th May 2021. Last Saturday, an electoral committee was formed.

The Secretary of Information for Abyei Youth Steering Committee, Arop Santino says the upcoming elections will be observed by the administration of education, information, culture, youth, and sports.

“We will start from Rumamer county youth Association election in Aniet town, then Alal county. After that we will move to Majak and Ameth-Aguok counties. We have also given every county an amount of 100,000 SSP for the election procedures, and general assembly meetings,” Arop told Abyei FM on Monday.

Santino assured that the elections of the youth union will be held at the end of May, 2021.

The 2-year-term of office of Abyei Youth Union has expired and fresh elections were to be held in June last year, but were postponed due to Covid-19 restrictions. A committee was formed to act until polls are conducted.