Warrap: Twic community conference ends with peace and reconciliation

Twic community chiefs |Photo: TRC|

Twic community in Warrap State is on the track to reconcile itself after more than five years of dispute over state’s capital location.

In 2015, President Salva Kiir issued a decree increasing the number of states in South Sudan from ten to twenty-eight. In November, the South Sudanese parliament approved the creation of the new states. In January 2017, President Salva Kiir decreed a further subdivision of the country from 28 into 32 states.

Twic became a state with Mayen-Abun as its capital – a decision least expected by many who knew Mayen-Abun and Turalei. Many had in minds that Turalei – the then and current Twic county headquarter, would automatically become the seat of Twic State. The move created the dispute that almost plunge one of the most peaceful communities in the country into violence.

The feud persisted even after president Kiir rescinded his order and returned the country to ten states in 2020 despite several attempts made to end it. On 28 April 2021, a conference concluded in the state’s capital Kuajok with community leaders committing themselves to work together for peace and unity. The three-day event was attended by about hundred people including chiefs, women, youth leaders and government officials.

“We have accepted the peace as Twic Mayardit community. Secondly, we accepted Tualei as (headquarters) of Twic county. We accepted it as a Chief and Community of Twic,” Chief Manoon Ater Guot, the spokesperson of Twic county chiefs told Abyei FM on Thursday.

The chiefs have agreed to embark on educating their clans about the outcomes of the peace meeting and help them reconciled. 

“We Chiefs of Twic agreed to visit the six payams of Twic to inform all the community about peace and agreement on returning to Turalei county.  We Chiefs, and Twic community we have agreed on that,” Chief Manon stated.

On his part, chief Tor Makol from Ajakuach Payam thanked the state government for organizing the conference. He assured his people that the issue has ended.

“I want to say to Twic Mayardit community in all six Payams, we the six Chiefs of Twic county have singed peace agreement. We are now in unity, and the past division among community is resolved,” Tor said. 

Warrap State’s  Minister of Local Government Mr. Peter Paduol Mangong said peace in Twic means peace across the state, according to Mayardit FM, a community radio based in Turalei. The minister welcomed the initiative made by Twic leaders and urged other communities to emulate it.