Agriculture Administration rolls out livestock vaccination in Abyei this week.

One of the cattle camps pictured in Abyei Administrative Area in 2020. | File photo

A livestock vaccination campaign that targets about 20,000 animals in Abyei Administrative Area will be rolled out this Friday.

 The campaign is supported by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and it will continue for weeks.

Director general in the Administration of Agriculture, Animal Resources, Forestry and Fisheries, Rou Minyiel Rou told Abyei FM that they intend to immunize and treat more than 20,000 livestock. He said immunization grants human and animal safety.

“Our plan is that by June 4th all procedures and talks with local communities are completed. We will launch the campaign officially and will have meetings with cattle herders to identify vaccination centers and determine the number of animals.” he said.

Rou said that his administration has received drugs from FAO. He says they are waiting for goat and chicken vaccines. The campaign aims at vaccination of animals against PPR and Black Quarter among other diseases.