The Infrastructure Department repairs borehole in the Abyei girls’ primary school

School girls fetching water at Abyei Girls Primary schol. | Credit: Rose Monytoc Dau | AIRS 2022

Clean drinking water supplies have been restored to the only girls’ primary school in Abyei  municipality. The school accommodates 1058 learners. Lessons are taught normally from morning to afternoon.

The hand-pump was repaired after Abyei FM reported that lack of clean drinking water interrupted lessons for two weeks.

School’s headteacher, Bulabek Deng that they were forced to stop teaching lower classes from P1-P4 due to shortage of water. “We bought water; some pupils get water from home, but these efforts weren’t helpful,” Deng said. Moreover, Mr. Deng added that he has hired a vehicle to transport spare parts, working tools and technicians to the site to conduct repairs.

Schoolgirls expressed happiness for having water at the school premises and for being able to smoothly continue their lessons. “It was unbearable to stay in classes without water to drink. Using latrines without water was difficult and unhygienic too”. Said one of the girls.

More than twenty schools have been closed in Abyei Administrative Area including thirteen learning institutions in Agok due to ongoing conflict that erupted in February this year.