IOM pays cash to people with disabilities

Some people with disabilities who received some cash from IOM. | Credit: Chol Ayiik Chol

International Organization for Migration (IOM) paid cash assistance to 50 people with disabilities in Abyei Administrative Area on Friday.

Each person affected by violence in Abyei received 26,000 South Sudanese Pounds to buy basic needs.

Secretary general of the Union of People with Disabilities, Abraham Arop said the assistance will reach all disabled in villages south of Kiir river.

He said they have identified 400 disabled people affected by security situation in Abyei.

Deng Dau Juac a beneficiary said he received money, and he would buy sugar, soap and sorghum for his family. He thanked Abyei area administration, IOM, and the Union of People with Disabilities for the service.