South Sudan, Sudan issue joint communique

The ministries of Foreign Affairs in South Sudan and Sudan issued a joint communique after the meeting of President Kiir and his counterpart Abdel Fathah Al-Burhan to discuss strengthening bilateral relations in Juba on 12th January 2023.

The document focused on stabilization through political, economic, and security cooperation.

The two presidents committed to ensure the freedom of movement, residence, acquisition of property, and employment for all citizens of their respective countries.

They called on the concerned authorities in the two countries to speed up the required steps.

South Sudan and Sudan agreed to establish Joint Security Force to prevent the infiltration of illegal weapons and to combat negative forces and their activities in the borders.

On Abyei, the heads of state called on the existing mechanisms to redouble efforts towards determining the area’s final status and promoting economic cooperation and socio-economic development to the communities in the area.